Polkadot vs ethereum cover image - understanding the key differences

Polkadot vs Ethereum: Understanding the key differences

Now that Ethereum has joined the Proof of Stake club, it has put forth its initial steps for achieving its ultimate vision of scalability, security, …

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decentralized cloud storage image cover

Best 6 Decentralized Cloud Storage Companies in 2022

Twenty years ago, cloud storage providers effectively replaced the overhead – both for developers and startups building apps and websites, as well as for users …

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Blockchain development tools cover image

8 Essential Blockchain Development Tools In 2022

When it comes to developing smart contracts and deploying them on Ethereum, Polygon, or any other EVM-compatible chain, having the right Blockchain development tools to …

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solana development roadmap cover image

The Complete Solana Development Roadmap

Solana has seen massive adoption in the last years, with thousands of developers jumping on the train of lighting fast TPS (transactions per second) and …

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web3 developer salary 2022 cover image

Web3 Developer Salary in 2022 – India, USA

You might have heard that the average web3 developer salary in 2022 is huge, but how huge? Web3 is becoming more and more important between …

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How to create and deploy an erc20 token in 20 minutes cover

How to Create and Deploy an ERC20 Token – In 20 minutes

Cryptocurrencies have recently become popular, opening endless possibilities to companies, individuals, and DAOs. If you want to learn how to create and deploy an ERC20 …

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How To Add Matic Network to Metamask (Polygon) – In 5 Minutes

Previously called the Matic network, Polygon is becoming more and more important in the crypto world, both for his great scaling solutions, and his drastically …

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How To Create a Metamask Wallet cover image

How to Set Up Metamask In 5 minutes

Metamask is by far the most popular Blockchain wallet used to store crypto and connect to decentralized Applications. understanding how to set up Metamask wallet, …

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cover best blogging platforms for developers

4 Best Blogging Platforms For Developers

As a developer, having a blog is one of the best investments you can make, but where to start? In this post, I’ll share with …

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front end developer roadmap 2021 cover

The Complete Frontend Developer Roadmap

Google is an amazing place to find resources about front-end development, the problem is, what do I need to learn? Here’s a full Frontend developer Roadmap, …

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