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What is API Monitoring and How to Monitor API Calls

I was working in a startup when one of our APIs went down for 3hrs, losing money and customers. This is why I’ve created this guide where you will learn what is API Monitoring, why is important, and how to monitor your API calls using Treblle. We will go through

Complete Web3.0 and Solidity Development Roadmap 2021

Learning Web3.0 and blockchain development today is like buying a Bitcoin at $10 yesterday. Entering the Blockchain industry where the average programmer is paid around $140k/year, is probably the best investment you can make as a developer. Unfortunately, the web has a scarcity of good resources and finding a good blockchain development

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The Ultimate 2021 Backend Developer Roadmap: kickstart your career

You don’t need to spend $10k on a Bootcamp to become a backend developer. Whether you need to learn: Node, Express, SQL, NoSQL, REST, JSON, APIs, or the latest fancy technologies, you can do it for free, leveraging the power of the internet. I’ve personally gathered, watched, tested, and reviewed